Complimentary Office Exam for New Clients

Limit one complimentary exam per household. Complimentary exams visits are limited to single pet visits. Additional pets will be charged a regular exam fee. Some restrictions apply, please click below to read.

Complimentary New Client Exam Restrictions

The following limitations apply:

  • New Client is defined as a client with no record of prior visits to Central Animal Hospital.
  • Complimentary exam must be scheduled – walk-in appointments do not qualify for complimentary exam.
  • New Client must mention promotion when making the appointment. Complimentary exam will not apply if mentioned at the time of visit.
  • Complimentary exam may be used for any type of office exam; this includes comprehensive, emergency follow-up, or technician only.
  • For Annual Wellness Visits, New Clients who mention this promotion when making the appointment will receive a $40 credit towards the cost of a Wellness Visit or our Health Plan.
  • Not good for Saturday visits. Saturdays are walk-in only.
  • The complimentary office exam is for the veterinarian to examine your pet and make a plan for additional diagnostics and/or treatment. Additional diagnostics, medications, or certificates requested or required for the treatment of your pet will incur additional fees that must be paid at the time of service. If, for example, the doctor examines your pet and determines that the issue at hand will resolve with no additional treatment or diagnostics, there will be no additional fee for the visit. However, if the patient requires bloodwork or x-rays, medications to treat the condition, or the client wishes for the veterinarian to prepare documents for travel, there will be additional fees that must be paid at the time of service. The regular price of a scheduled office exam is $64.

Complimentary Second Opinion

The Complimentary Second Opinion is meant to provide a new client an opportunity to have one of the Veterinarians at Central Animal Hospital perform a records review and provide an opinion on a single patient issue. Some restrictions apply, please click below to read.

Complimentary Second Opinion Restrictions

The following limitations apply:

  • All records pertaining to the specific issue at hand must be provided to Central Animal Hospital prior to the client visit.
  • The office exam will last no longer than 15 minutes. During this time, only the issue at hand will be covered. Any other issues must be addressed at a later date during a standard Office Exam.
  • At the conclusion of the visit, the veterinarian will render an opinion on the current course of treatment and any further issues that could be explored either at Central Animal Hospital or at the client’s current veterinary provider.
  • If the client wants to the veterinarian to continue research and/or provide a diagnostic or treatment plan at a later date, a standard Office Exam will apply.
  • If the client approves further diagnostics or courses of treatment to be performed at Central Animal Hospital on the date of the Second Opinion exam, the standard Office Exam fee will be waived.
  • If the client wishes to discuss the second opinion at a later date, a standard Office Exam fee will apply. The veterinarian will not be available by phone to answer any further questions regarding the second opinion exam.

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