In house Prescriptions

We fill in-house prescriptions while you wait. We cannot guarantee a wait time, but we will fill the prescriptions as soon as a staff member and doctor become available.

Call-in refills

We strive to fill call-in refill requests as soon as possible. However, we are often doing our best to serve our clients and patients in the hospital at the time. We guarantee we will have a called-in refill request completed within 24 hours of the call.

For requests on Friday, we will have the prescription filled by 11:30am on Saturday morning. We will send you a text notification when the refill request is

As noted above, if you come in and we have not yet filled a prescription, you “move the front of the line” and we will fill the request while you wait.

A team member working in the in house pharmacy

Online Prescriptions

Online prescription requests are very challenging for us. Our obligation is to ensure that the patient is getting the right drug with the correct instructions and that we have a record of the prescription in our patient record. Unfortunately, the online pharmacies are primarily concerned with making a quick and easy sale. We appreciate the cost savings associated with online pharmacies, but our concern is the health of your pet and the online pharmacies often employ questionable tactics to force veterinary practices to work with their systems.

We will respond as quickly as possible to online pharmacy requests. As online pharmacies are often making sales after hours and on weekends, we cannot guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on these requests. We generally respond by the end of a business day to requests we receive prior to open on that day.

We will only send a prescription generated by our EMR system and signed by our doctors. This ensures that we have written the prescription correctly and that we have a record of the prescription. We will not respond to requests verbally or use any form provided by the pharmacy. The prescriptions we send are legal prescription documents and the pharmacy is required to accept these documents. We will send a text message confirming that the prescription has been faxed to the pharmacy. We will keep the signed copy of the prescription on file for 30 days if you wish to see a copy. After 30 days we will only retain the prescription generated in our EMR system.

You are always welcome to pick up a signed prescription and submit this to the pharmacy of your choice. We do not charge a fee for writing prescriptions.

We have a pharmacy that we interact with directly – VetSource. The VetSource store is accessed via our website – Shop Online link. We can directly support any product purchased on VetSource if you have any issues. This is the only pharmacy for which we can provide this service.

E-mailed requests

E-mailed requests are typically fielded throughout the day or early each morning if the request is put-in after hours. Unlike a phone call, e-mail is checked periodically – so we cannot guarantee a 24-hour refill on e-mailed requests.

If you really need the refill quickly, a call or office visit is the best way to get the refill completed.

Written Prescriptions

Clients are entitled to written prescriptions at any time and these may be taken to any licensed pharmacy. We cannot guarantee the availability of any drug at “human” pharmacies. Thanks for your understanding.

We always strive to be as responsive as possible for the benefit of our patients and clients!

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