At Central Animal Hospital, we love pampering your pets with our pet grooming services!

Pet Grooming in Memphis TN

We offer a variety of grooming services including:

  • specialty and summer cuts
  • medicated baths
  • dips and de-skunking
  • nail trims
  • anal gland expression

I’m not sure what pet grooming services I need…

Our friendly staff can help. Most dogs can benefit from some component of grooming on a regular basis, even if just nail trimming and anal gland expression. Nails grow continuously and without trimming, the quick (vascular portion) of the nail can overgrow, making it difficult to maintain short nails without causing bleeding during nail trims.

Many dogs also have occasional scooting or licking the anal area, which can be an indicator of full anal glands. These glands are located on the inside of the anus and occasionally become full of secretions, which can be uncomfortable for the pet. If your pet has had a history of anal gland problems such as scooting, licking, impacted glands or anal gland abscess, regular pet grooming visits for anal gland checks are important to prevent problems.

Memphis TN Pet Grooming

How often does my pet need grooming?

Depending on the breed of your pet, varying amounts of grooming may be needed to keep your pet’s hair coat looking healthy and neat. For dogs with long facial hair that hangs over the eyes, trimming these areas helps keep your pet able to see well, and avoids problems with hairs rubbing on the eyes. For dogs with very hairy feet or rear quarters (groomers call this “pants”), trimming keeps the feet and rear quarters clean and lessens the risk of problems like foot infections and fecal matting under the tail or on hind legs.

Pet Grooming for Skin Conditions

For situations where your pet has a dermatologic condition, medicated baths or dips done via our professional pet grooming may be an important part of therapy for your pet’s skin problem. Of course, you don’t need to use our pet grooming services only when there’s a problem! When you schedule grooms for your pet on a regular basis, your pet will enjoy the pampering, and you’ll enjoy having a pet that looks and smells great!