If you are interested in radioiodine treatment for your cat, you will be required to sign off on a few different forms.  Please review the pretreatment requirements, the pretreatment consent form, and the normal release protocol.  Clients will also receive the “first 3 weeks at home” form that details the care required once you take your cat home from treatment.

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Document Library

Name Description
Extended Release Protocol The client agreement for after care if the cat stays at Nu-Cat for 28 days.
Normal Release Protocol Client agreement for after care if the cat is discharged once the radiation level reaches the discharge level.
Pre-Treatment Consent Letter This consent outlines our obligations and responsibilities for care during treatment. Includes the non-compete for referral clients.
Referral Letter Form for referring doctors. Basic information we need to start the referral process.
Pre-Treatment Requirements Lists the tests other requirements for Nu-Cat to treat a hyperthyroid cat.
The First 3 Weeks at Home Detailed list of post-discharge instructions for at-home care.