COVID-19 Update: Call Us!

Call 901-274-1444 before arriving and for after-hours emergencies.

Thanks to all our clients who have come in over the past few weeks and have tried to follow our social distancing requests.  We continue to care for your pets and are doing our best to stay healthy and available!

It is very, very difficult to change “normal” behavior.  We ask that when you arrive at the hospital to please call us a901-274-1444 – and ask for instructions.  Once out of the car and at the door it’s hard to know what to do.  By calling before you get out of the car, you avoid coming in too quickly and causing a difficult “distancing” situation.  We also ask that you try to arrive as close as possible to your appointment time.

After-hours Emergencies:  Call 901-274-1444 before you go!

To keep you out of a crowded animal ER with an emergency, we are now taking after hours call when possible.  When you call our main number, you will be connected to a veterinary professional from GuardianVets.  If they determine that emergency care is warranted, they will contact Dr. Karnes first to see if she is available.  If she is not available, you will be directed to the Animal Emergency Center.  If she is available, you will be notified and contacted by a staff member.  You will be asked to pay a deposit upon arrival at the hospital and your pet will be taken care of.  This is a new arrangement so please be patient while we work out the kinks.

Again – thanks for your continued support and we hope that you and your family are healthy and staying sane during this difficult time.

Thank You and Be Well!
Dr. Jennifer & Steve Karnes